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实船设计中的波浪阻力最小化 Wave resistance minimisation in practical ship design

A practical and efficient system is described for ship hull form optimisation and its application for minimising wave resistance. Parametric hull form deformations are defined in a CAD system, specific for the case considered and related with flow aspects to be addressed. Surrogate-based global optimisation is applied for multi-objective problems, such as optimisation for a […]


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Events 活动

May 15, 2018Short Interactive Course on ‘Hydrodynamics in Ship Design’Interactive Course on ‘Hydrodynamics in Ship Design’ 3-day training program, Shanghai, 15-17 May 2018 Following our successful 2017 edition, we repeat our Shanghai course “Hydrodynamics in Ship Design”. An opportunity to meet and interact with MARIN experts and learn about powering, seakeeping, manoeuvring and hydro-structural topic. With special attention for comfort, safety and structural integrity, […]

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