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Could a transatlantic hyperloop trip become an alternative to flying? As the world population continues to grow, and specifically in coastal areas, there is a related increase in the demand for mobility. Intercontinental flights are currently one of the main ways to connect, but we need a more sustainable mobility solution for the future. How


Floating Islands one step closer to realisation as Space@Sea project completes The Horizon 2020 funded Space@Sea project kicked off in November 2017, with the aim of taking a further step towards the efficient use of the maritime environment. The consortium of 17 European partners developed sustainable and affordable workspaces at sea, consisting of standardised and


REPORT MAGAZINE 132: READ NOW AND REGISTER TO RECEIVE FUTURE EDITIONS MARIN Report is our corporate magazine. The magazine focusses on recent projects and keeps readers informed of the latest research. MARIN Report is issued several times a year and is available in print and online. Make an account to receive your own personal copy


MARIN builds ultra-modern Seven Oceans Simulator Centre Running simulators since 1972, MARIN is currently building a state-of-the-art ‘Seven Oceans Simulator centre’ (SOSc) in order to support the development of safer, cleaner and smarter ships and maritime infrastructure. This pioneering new centre will offer the most realistic simulation of behaviour and the interaction between maritime constructions,


WATERBORNE: TOWARDS FUTURE-PROOF INLAND WATERWAY TRANSPORT IN EUROPE The Waterborne Technology Platform welcomes the resolution of the European Parliament on the future of inland waterway transport in Europe. Inland waterway transport plays an important role in the transport of goods in Europe. More than 37,000 kilometres of waterways connect hundreds of cities and industrial


Hydrofoil technology has been known for decades and mostly focused on the performance of hydrofoils in steady state conditions. However, there is still work to be done in terms of dynamic response of hydrofoils in unsteady conditions, particularly in the eventual presence of cavitation and/or ventilation. This JIP aims at achieving advanced knowledge to assist


There is again a chance to meet us at the SNAME World Maritime Technology Conference & Exhibition, this year in Providence at the Rhode Island Convention Center. Come along (booth #100) to discuss the latest in maritime research. For more information or to plan a meeting contact Frans Quadvlieg. DATE Oct 25, 2021- Oct 30, 2021 REGISTRATION


DISCRETIZATION ERROR ESTIMATION IN SUBSONIC, TRANSONIC AND SUPERSONIC FLOWS OF AN INVISCID FLUID OVER A BUMP Authors Eça, L., Silva, C., Muralha, J., Klaij, C., Toxopeus, S., Hoekstra, M. Conference/Journal V&V Verification and Validation Symposium (V&V 2021) Date May 19, 2021 This paper presents a solution verification exercise for the simulation of subsonic, transonic and


ON THE USE OF SYNTHETIC INFLOW TURBULENCE FOR SCALE-RESOLVING SIMULATIONS OF WETTED AND CAVITATING FLOWS Authors Klapwijk, M., Lloyd, T., Vaz , G., Terwisga, T. van Conference/Journal Ocean Engineering Date May 15, 2021 Volume 228 DOI The Delft Twist 11 Hydrofoil is a common test case for investigating the interaction between turbulence and cavitation


​VALIDATION OF DUCTED PROPELLER DESIGN AND ANALYSIS TOOLS Authors: Huisman, J., Garenaux, M., De Jager, A. and Janse G. Conference/Journal: Working paper Date: May 17, 2021 Recently, a study was done on the validation of the design and analysis tools for ducted propellers. The validation was done using full-scale observations on board the TSHD Bonny