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SCREENING WAVE CONDITIONS FOR THE OCCURRENCE OF GREEN WATER EVENTS ON SAILING SHIPS AuthorsEssen, S.M.van, Monroy, C., Shen, Z., Helder, J., Kim, D., Seng,S., Ge, Z. Conference/JournalOcean Engineering DateAug 15, 2021 Volume234 DOI Design loads for extreme wave events on ships, such as slamming and green water, are hard to define. These events depend on


​Can bridge simulations support conceptual design? Within the EU Horizon project Holiship, MARIN has developed, together with partners, a Virtual Vessel Framework (VVF) in which real-time bridge simulations can be used to make key decisions in the concept design stage. This VVF can lead to a better performing ship or cost reductions. Figure 3: Bird-eye view

WiSP2 JIP启动!

WISP2 JOINT INDUSTRY PROJECT LAUNCHED! WiSP2 Joint Industry Project has been launched! Our purpose is to stimulate adoption of WASP in the maritime industry. Increase confidence in wind propulsion systems and simplify compliance to rules and regulations within EEDI and EEXI. Determine the fuel savings and emission reductions ship owners can achieve with wind propulsion


WISP2 PROJECT LAUNCHED TO FURTHER IMPROVE PERFORMANCE PREDICTIONS, RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR WIND PROPULSION MARIN and ABS have kicked off the WiSP2 Joint Industry Project to help facilitate the broad uptake of wind propulsion as an important tool to decarbonise shipping. “This Wind assisted Ship Propulsion (WiSP) JIP picks up where the successful phase


NEW EUROPEAN PARTNERSHIP COMMITS THE WATERBORNE TRANSPORT SECTOR TO ZERO EMISSIONS BY 2050 Today, the College of Commissioners of the European Commission took an important step towards the realisation of zero-emission waterborne transport. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a Co-Programmed Partnership between the European Commission and the Waterborne Technology Platform under the framework of Horizon Europe was adopted,


TOPTIER PROJECT ON SECURING CONTAINER SAFETY OFFICIALLY KICKED OFF On May 18 the TopTier Joint Industry Project was kicked off with an online meeting attended by 70+ representatives. The objective of this three year project is to drastically reduce the number of containers lost overboard by large container vessels. For this purpose the project addresses the


Five fascinating projects tackle the latest offshore and shipping topics These Joint Industry Projects examine the potential of a partially floating energy hub, improved bubble screen use, a methodology for testing and evaluating control, the mechanical loading of electrical cables, and wind assisted ship propulsion. HybridEnerSeaHub To support cost-effective renewable energy production far out at sea


LISTENING TO THE WIND INTERVIEW Within a series of ‘Listening to the Wind’ interviews - as part of the 'Decade of Wind Propulsion' campaign of the International Windship Association (IWSA) - Gavin Allwright sits down with Rogier Eggers, Senior Project Manager and specialist in wind propulsion at MARIN. They discuss some of the remaining technical


CRS WEBINARS ON PROPELLER OPTIMIZATION AND STRUCTURAL MONITORING The Cooperative Research Ships is a unique community of 24 maritime organizations working together in real Public-Private Partnership. CRS started in 1969 with the intention to obtain general data about the hydrodynamics and related problems of large and high-powered ships. Today the research carried out by the


Assisting the fishing industry Our seas and oceans are a breeding ground for an abundance of high protein food: fish. Fish requires three to eight times less valuable nutrients per kilogramme of food when compared to land mammals. Therefore, fish – if managed prudently – can be considered an important sustainable food resource to feed