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Operational fuel efficiency 能源效率

Increasing fuel costs inspire ship owners and operators in finding ways to reduce fuel consumption. In sight of recent developments in emission regulations, ship owners benefit from the proportional reduction of emissions with reduction of fuel consumption. For existing ships, a significant amount of fuel can be saved by improving the operational conditions of the vessel. The expected additional fuel savings can be as high as 5%.


Essential in fuel savings on board is crew awareness. Motivating the crew to act and react to fuel consuming conditions is essential. Important in this is displaying the effect of some operational choices on the ship performance.


Navigational conditions in which fuel is wasted are:


  • Large speed variations 较大的速度变化
  • Applying full power in shallow or restricted water 在浅水或限制水域使用全功率
  • Too sensitive auto pilot setting which initiates frequent rudder angles 导致频繁更换舵角的过于敏感的自动驾驶
  • Suboptimal trims 次优纵倾