A Rasselas 3 rapid

Lines Optimisation 线型优化

In order to achieve the highest performance for the vessel, successive potential flow calculations can be carried out by means of our non-linear CFD code RAPID. Particular attention is paid to the reduction of the bow, shoulder and stern waves and optimisation of the pressure distribution over the hull. By using our RAPID-Explorer package, a systematic variation of a certain section can be carried out by a deformer program and the optimal lines can be finally found within given limits. For a detailed investigation of the hull lines with respect to the viscous flow, our state-of-the-art RANS solver PARNASSOS is widely used to predict the flow over the complete hull surface. It predicts the velocity field, streamline patterns and pressure distribution, and is used for instance to eliminate separation phenomena and to predict the wake field at the propeller disc.


Other services 其他服务