Deep Water Towing Tank at MARIN 荷兰深水拖曳水池

The Deep Water Towing Tank (252 x 10.5 x 5.5 m) is used to optimise resistance and propulsion characteristics of ship designs. To provide insight in the possible improvements in performance, the tank has the features to measure and observe various wave and flow patterns. In addition to the standard resistance and propulsion tests, the rudder or pod angle, pod position and propeller rotation direction can be optimised.

深水池(252 x 10.5 x 5.5 米)用来优化船舶设计的阻力和推进性能。水池具有测量和观测不同波和流的形态的特性,可以提供在性能上可能的改进方向的具体细节。除了标准的阻力和自航试验外,舵或POD的角度选取、POD的位置和螺旋桨旋转方向都可以进行优化。

towing tank sssri

Towing Tank at SSSRI 船研所拖曳水池

The Towing Tank (192 x 10.0 x 4.2m) is used to optimise resistance and propulsion characteristics of ship designs. To provide insight in the possible improvements in performance, the tank is equipped with instrumentations both for conventional single- and twin-screw propulsion systems with or without nozzle, and also for PODs and thrusters. It can also be used to perform optimisation tests for appendages and energy-saving equipments.

拖曳水池(192 x 10.0 x 4.2米)用来优化船舶设计的阻力和推进性能。水池装备的测试仪器可以进行常规的单桨系统和双桨系统,带导管或不带导管,以及POD和其它推进方式的试验。并可进行附体和节能装置优化试验。

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Shallow Water Basin at MARIN 荷兰浅水池

The depth of the Shallow Water Basin (220 x 15.75 m) is adjustable from 0 to 1.15 m. It is used to optimise the propulsion characteristics of ships as well as the (low speed) manoeuvring behaviour in shallow water. This including factors like proximity of quays and bank suction. The tests can be used as input for simulations which help to optimise nautical strategies. The facility is also used for Concept Development and Design Support of new offshore designs in shallow water.

浅水池(220 x 15.75 米)的水深可以从0m调整到1.15m。它用来浅水中船舶的推进性能和(低速)操纵性能,包括码头和岸吸因素。试验结果可以作为模拟器的输入参数来优化航海规划。这个设施还可以用来为浅水区域的海岸工程设计提供概念研究和技术支持。


Wind, Wave & Current Basin at SSSRI 船研所风浪流水池

The Wind, Wave & Current Basin (100 x 15 x 2 m) is suitable for powering tests at deep and shallow water, as well as seakeeping tests with adjustable depth of basin. The tank is used to predict the powering characteristics at complicated waterway conditions, to research the quays and port berthing, to simulate the physical research at quays and ports.

风浪流水池(100 x 15 x 2 米)具有水深可变功能,从事船舶深、浅水快速性和耐波性能试验研究,分析船舶在复杂航道下的航行特征;可以适应码头、港口靠离泊和进出港研究需要,模拟码头、港口模型进行物模试验研究。

Nederland, Wageningen, 26-5-2004 test met modellen in bassin, boot, schip, scheepsbouw, varen, drijven, golven, laboratorium, testen, technologie foto Marcel van den Bergh

Seakeeping and Manoeuvring Basin at MARIN 荷兰耐波性和操纵性水池

Verifying performance and safety requires accurate representation of a ship and its ride control elements in relevant wave conditions. Our Seakeeping and Manoeuvring Basin (170 x 40 m) is designed for making arbitrary (high-speed) manoeuvres in realistic waves from arbitrary directions. The free-sailing or captive tests provide insight into the seakeeping and manoeuvring characteristics.

验证性能和安全性需要对船舶与波浪条件相关的驾驶控制参数进行准确描述。我们的适航性和操纵性水池(170 x 40 米)的设计可以满足实际海况中各个浪向和各种(高速)操纵。自由自航模和约束模试验提供了适航性和操纵性的详细特性。

man basin sssri

Manoeuvring Basin at SSSRI 船研所操纵性水池

The Manoeuvring Basin (90 x 30 x 1 m) can be used to perform manoeuvring test under deep and shallow water conditions by adopting free sailing model. It can also be used to research navigation safety by simulating the waterway and quay model.

上海操纵性水池(90 x 30 x 1 米),水深可变,从事船舶深浅水操纵性能研究——自由自航模试验研究;模拟航道和码头模型,从事船舶通航安全研究。

Depressurised Wave Basin

Depressurised Wave Basin at MARIN 荷兰减压波浪水池

The Depressurised Wave Basin is a new research facility which was officially opened by Minister Verhagen in March 2012. MARIN was granted a 14m government subsidy for the construction of this unique test basin. The pressure of the Depressurised Wave Basin (240 x 18 x 8 m) can be reduced to an ambient pressure of 25 millibar. The harbour (preparation) area is 26 m long and 4.2 m wide. The instrumentation allows for measuring up 100 channels at 20 kHz. The noise measurement system is able to test frequencies of 2 100 kHz. The Depressurised Wave Basin is a unique research facility for the testing of ships and offshore structures in most realistic (scaled) operational conditions. Due to the capability to reduce the ambient air pressure, it allows investigations in three important areas:

    1. Cavitation (in waves)
    2. Air chambers
    3. Wave impacts with air entrapment

减压波浪水池是由Verhagen部长于2012年5月正式启动的新水池,该水池的施工建造接受了一千四百万的政府补贴。减压波浪水池(240 x 18 x 8 米)能将环境空气压力减小到25毫巴;港口(预备位置)区域为26米长,4.2米宽;设备具有100个20kHz通道;噪声监测系统可检测的频率为2100kHz。减压波浪水池是唯一可在真实(缩比)航行条件下同时提供船舶及海工结构试验研究的水池。就减压水池具有环境空气压力的能力,可提供以下三个主要领域的研究:

1. 空化(波浪中)
2. 气室
3. 有空气卷吸的波浪影响

Other facilities 其他设施