As part of the Horizon 2020 MAGPIE project MARIN is presently undertaking model tests to evaluate an E-buoy for charging vessels at sea. The E-buoy can be used to transfer power to ships. Foreseen applications are the provision of hotel load to ships in waiting areas outside ports to allow these to switch of their auxiliary engines or the charging of battery powered ships maintaining wind parks.

Bluewater is developing the E-Buoy. The E-buoy is presently being evaluated by MARIN by means of hydrodynamic model tests in MARIN’s Shallow Water Basin. A wind park service vessel is used as charging vessel. In 2023 a prototype of the E-buoy will be installed by Van Oord in the Dutch coastal water. The full scope of the development of the E-buoy within MAGPIE comprises concept development, numerical analysis, Software-In-the-Loop basin testing and offshore testing of the mechanical functionality of the E-buoy.

For more information contact Jorrit-Jan Serraris.