The North Sea is playing a major role in transitioning towards a more sustainable European economy. However, available space is limited. Offshore wind farm areas are competing for space with traditional fisheries, different types of food production at sea, future renewable energy infrastructure, as well as hydrogen production.

Roadmap for the Dutch North Sea

The Road2SID project delivered a Roadmap for technological advancements needed for Symbiosis-Inclusive Design in Offshore Wind. The roadmap summarises available knowledge, identifies stakeholder perspectives and finally proposes actions for advancing multi-use in offshore wind farms.

Stakeholder Perspectives

Symbiosis-Inclusive design of offshore wind farms will involve many stakeholders, whose interests need to be aligned. Therefore, we have asked various stakeholders about their perspectives on advancing symbiosis between offshore wind farms and multi-use activities that fall under the three main transitions in the North Sea: Nature, Food and Energy. We collected and present their feedback on opportunities they see, challenges they face, and responsibilities they feel.

Key Actions to Advance Symbiosis towards 2023

Based on the literature review and stakeholder consultation, the opportunities, risks, and challenges are defined. For three types of multi-use activities in wind farms (ecosystem protection and strengthening, food production and alternative renewable energy generation, conversion and storage) specific actions are defined that have the potential to accelerate the development of multi-use offshore wind farms and bring the three types further towards integration with offshore wind farms.

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