MARIN and Singapore Polytechnics organised their first joint seminar on the ‘Future of Maritime Safety’ on October 6th.

The presentations in the morning session had a more people-centric view; the presentations in the afternoon were more technology focused. Key areas identified during the workshop which are relevant for future maritime safety were Training, Human error in accidents and incidents, and the balanced approach between Human factors and Technology.


Technology is only as good as the people using it and this is where the shipping industry faces its biggest challenge. Users should continuously be trained for the next generation technology. Training should be based on real and accurate knowledge. Modelling of ship behaviour and set-up of scenario’s should be as accurate and realistic as possible (with cost and technology as constraints).

Human error in accidents and incidents

Human error is still the largest cause of accidents and incidents even after years of specialised resource management courses and technological advancements. 
Industry has to face the gap between development and use of technology when aiming at accidents and incidents reduction through technology. Understanding the human factor is an important aspect to find solutions for unsafe situations and to influence (or improve) behaviour through technology.

Human factors and Technology

Continuous development and introduction of new technology is unstoppable. By some it is seen as focused on monitoring technology. In the evolution towards more autonomous shipping, there should be a concurrent focus on the development of assistive and decision supporting technology which facilitates a balanced approach between human factors and technology.

Panel morning session

Panel chair was Capt Gopala Krishnan BBM, Principal Investigator, Maritime Institute-Singapore Polytechnic

  • Nautical Institute Singapore Branch / Darren Strangeway, Master Mariner, FNI, Tech IOSH, Global Head HSE, Swire Pacific Offshore
  • UK Protection & Indemnity Club / Capt. Anuj Velanker, Senior Loss Prevention Advisor, Thomas Miller SE Asia Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Maritime Officers Union / Captain Yeow Kok Kean, Executive Director, Wavelink Maritime Institute
  • MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) / Jos van Doorn, Manager MARIN’s Nautical Centre

Panel afternoon session

Panel chair was Timo Verwoest, Manager Technology Transfer, MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands)

  • MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) / Jos van Doorn, Manager MARIN’s Nautical Centre
  • Alpha Ori (Technology Provider) / Sanjeev Namath, Director Singapore Operations
  • Lloyd’s Register (Classification Society) / Tan Hoon Kiang, Head Global Technology Centre Singapore

Presentations can be downloaded here.

For more information contact Jos van Doorn.