MARIN started a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to develop a new fixed-pitch propeller series: The Wageningen F-series.

In a Joint Industry Project (JIP) a standard series of fixed-pitch propellers will be developed which encompasses design features of contemporary propellers. The new series will be designed for best achievable efficiency, while simultaneously taking into account requirements on cavitation, noise and vibrations. The need for the series results from the growing awareness of safety, ecological and comfort aspects in ship design, and the increasing electrification of ship propulsion systems.

The kick-off meeting of The F-series JIP is scheduled for November 14, 2018 during the next Vessel Operator Forum in Kobe, Japan. The project will take three years to complete.

The work is conducted as a Joint Industry Project (JIP), executed by MARIN. Results and costs are shared with participating organisations that have signed the JIP Participation Agreement. Twice a year these participants will be invited to the JIP progress meetings which will be held in conjunction with the Vessel Operator Forum. All participants will have full and exclusive access to the project reports, software and other information through the confidential project website.

More information
Read The F-series JIP leaflet or contact Jie Dang.