In full speed towards zero-emission shipping; a Dutch FELMAR-consortium – consisting of Nedstack, MARIN, Damen Shipyards Group, Future Proof Shipping, Marine Service Noord and Holland Ship Electric – has been awarded a grant for the development of a new generation of fuel cell electric energy system for zero-emission ships.

Maritime industries are continuously in search of new opportunities to improve their environmental impact by eliminating air polluting and climate affecting emissions. Ships that can sail without producing any such local pollutants are referred to as zero-emission ships. In pursuit of enabling the breakthrough of such vessels smart combinations of fuel-cells, batteries and electric propulsion systems are needed to secure acceptable payloads, range and turn-around times.

Roel van de Pas – project coordinator – gives insight into the goals of this project. “Within the FELMAR (First ELement MARine) Project the consortium partners are cooperating to optimize the application of a PEM Fuel Cell system in the larger context of the electrically propelled vessel. The project outcome is a commercially-ready and scalable zero-emission shipping solution for inland navigation and short-sea vessels by the end of 2019”.

There is an excellent fit between this project and the newly established environmental policies. “Zero-emission shipping is needed both to improve air quality as well as to reduce the climate impact of the shipping industries. Zero-emission ships require mature and affordable propulsion and power systems which are combined in intelligent, safe and reliable manners. Doing just that requires complex and cross-industry cooperation with the full supply-chain” thus: Mr. Khaled Tachi, managing director of EICB – Centre of Expertise and Innovation of Inland Shipping.
The Netherlands accommodates a maritime industry which includes a significant amount of global leading players with exceptional technical skills and high levels of expertise. This makes Holland an ideal cradle for the development, verification and commercialization of new zero-emission shipping concepts.

The FELMAR-project is made possible by a grant awarded by the Dutch Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Download press release here.

For more information at MARIN, contact Moritz Krijgsman