MARIN is always keen to anticipate and help in transitions in shipping. An increase in sustainability and a reduction in CO2 emissions is a transition that we believe is about to start. One potential solution is Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion and this has led to two new JIPs.

Within Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WiSP) we intend to derive recommended practices on how to do performance predictions for wind assisted ships, going beyond the simple framework as specified for EEDI. WiSP will also study how current statutory and class rules could be
complied with and improved. So far 15+ parties have shown serious interest.
Wind Operational Ship propulsion (WoSP) investigates how wind assisted ships can be best designed for demanding operations, such as manoeuvring (compliance to IMO 137(76)), course keeping in stern quartering seas, safe return to port and the minimum power requirement.

More information
Participants are more than welcome to join both JIPs. For more information contact Rogier Eggers.