For 2022 MARIN offers SME (MKB) clients a free basin slot of two weeks (eighty basin hours including a qualified test engineer) and a one-day workshop with an experienced MARIN Project Manager and Project Engineer. The free basin slots allow feasibility checks and improvements in an early phase of a new concept development. They are not meant as final or formal tests of a design, or for optimisation of existing designs.

It is about new ideas and concepts, not about optimisation of existing designs and design tests; that is what MARIN’s normal projects and rates are for. The possible projects are diverse: from floating wind turbines and solar panels to large kites for generating wind energy.

Each selected project for 2022 (up to six) receives two weeks of test basin time (including preparations and test time) in the MARIN Concept Basin or the MARIN Shallow Water Basin. These two weeks include an experienced experimenter, who operates the systems and helps the customers to perform the tests. Also included is a preparation day for consultation with an experienced MARIN Project Manager and a MARIN Project Engineer. Together they discuss the concept, the best approach to the tests and the required support from MARIN.

The application for 2022 closes December 31, 2021. The 2022 call is focussing on six projects of two weeks each.

See for general conditions and registration. Or contact Jaap de Wilde, 06-1159 1035 /