With 16 European partners MARIN is aiming to develop and demonstrate a concept for floating islands in the project Space@Sea. The main objective is to provide flexible and affordable deck space at sea for a large variety of applications.

A floating solution was chosen because of the low environmental impact and the high level of flexibility. A modular approach has been adopted by the partners because this makes it easy to add or remove parts of the island.

Key tasks include designing the shape of the floaters, and the structural design, mooring and interconnections of the floaters. Applications for the floating islands such as living, transhipment/port facilities, offshore renewable energy servicing and aquaculture will be demonstrated at the model testing facilities of MARIN.

Space@Sea is a three-year project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. The first results are just becoming available but the project aims to complete late 2020.

More information
For more information visit www.spaceatsea-project.eu or contact Maarten Flikkema | m.flikkema@marin.nl