MARIN builds ultra-modern Seven Oceans Simulator Centre

Running simulators since 1972, MARIN is currently building a state-of-the-art ‘Seven Oceans Simulator centre’ (SOSc) in order to support the development of safer, cleaner and smarter ships and maritime infrastructure. This pioneering new centre will offer the most realistic simulation of behaviour and the interaction between maritime constructions, the environment and humans.

The SOSc will be a flexible virtual test facility whereby the whole process, from concept design to operational deployment, can be supported by the most immersive simulations possible. Our clients will be able to combine ‘classic’ bridge simulations with different ship types and platforms, maritime structures or even parts of the ship. These combinations enable simulation of a large range of interacting operations.

Both large bridge simulators will have a flexible layout and one of them will even have a motion base. The planned spherical projection domes will offer the most realistic picture in the horizontal plane but also up and down. This is a fantastic step forward as at last complex launch & recovery operations, which are coordinated from a bridge wing, can be simulated realistically.

An important element will be a newly developed VR/AR experiment facility in which we will be able to combine the simulators with Virtual Reality and Human Factors. Future shore control centres for monitoring and supporting highly automated and more autonomous vessels will also be included.

MARIN’s Human Factor specialists are an integral part of the SOSc team. In addition to tackling complicated multi-ship and multi-tool operations, the SOSc will be able to connect to simulators from the Merchant Naval Academies, the Royal Netherlands Navy and incompany simulators or even with ships at sea (Distributed Simulation).

MARIN’s SOSc is set to open Q3 2022. For more information contact Hugo Ammerlaan,