Wageningen, 12 November 2021 – Yesterday, the Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI) awarded the Maritime Technology Honorary Medal to the Netherlands Maritime Research Institute (MARIN). Bas Buchner, general director of MARIN, received the medal of honor from Thecla Bodewes, figurehead of the maritime sector, during a small-scale ceremony in the Binnenvaarttank at MARIN in Wageningen.

The KIVI awards the Maritime Technology Medal once every four years to a person or organization that has made a special contribution to the maritime sector. This time the jury chose MARIN because of the way in which MARIN has stimulated the knowledge position of the Netherlands, the stimulus that MARIN has given to young researchers and the way in which MARIN positions itself as a globally leading institute.

Thecla Bodewes: ‘KIVI awards the medal of honor to MARIN. An institution with an impressive history. However, looking back is not MARIN’s strongest feature. The institute is always full steam ahead with research for the challenges of the future. And the institution, those are the people. It was many in the organization who vouched for MARIN as it stands today and it is the people of today who vouched for the way forward. Today’s challenges are many. The climate calls for energy conservation and energy transition, society calls for circularity, the economy calls for innovation and young people want to have a share in all of this. MARIN has eminently succeeded in excelling in these areas. The technical and theoretical quality of MARIN’s work is world leading. MARIN is therefore a crucial cornerstone in the performance of the Netherlands on the global maritime playing field.”