A few years ago, MARIN was asked to take care of the hydrodynamic model of a challenging, autonomous underwater vehicle, as part of a larger simulation system, to assist with operator proficiency training for Launch & Recovery operations. This was the birth of the XMF Runtime Interface (XRI): an interface around MARIN’s core, time domain simulation framework.

Since then, XRI has been used to provide high-end, hydrodynamic ship models in several projects. Examples include an advanced fall pipe simulator system for one of the leading dredging companies and six tanker ship models embedded in a third-party training simulator for one of the oil majors, which is facilitating challenging offshore marine and terminal operations with tankers and FPSOs.

MARINinside is a software development kit that allows your application to be coupled with MARIN hydrodynamics for time domain simulation. MARIN uses the exact same code for its own time domain calculations. In this way their knowledge can be incorporated in the simulation tools of clients.

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