Our world has changed over the last few weeks and we hope you are all safe and healthy. Now, more than ever, we have to cooperate and join forces to sail through this storm. Our challenge related to climate remains intact and we look forward to take action together towards sustainability.

Since both the BlueWeek and FPSO JIP Week have been cancelled on board the SS Rotterdam, MARIN has decided to move ‘The Future of Ocean Energy and Shipping’ online – during the same week and discussing the same themes as originally planned. Thanks to all speakers who accepted to participate in this challenge!

So please save these dates as we will soon share the detailed programme for the following sessions:

  • Tuesday May 26                      Ocean Energy & Blue Life
  • Wednesday May 27                Forum: ‘The Future of Ocean Energy and Shipping’
  • Thursday May 28                     Natural Propulsion
  • Friday May 29                          Zero Emission

For more information and updates keep an eye on www.marin.nl/the-future-of-ocean-energy-and-shipping