For the past hundred years, fossil fuels have boosted our economy tremendously. The adverse effects of this, such as climate change due to CO2 emissions, are forcing us to look for cleaner alternatives, such as hybrid concepts with hydrogen as fuel, electrically propelled engines and wind assisted propulsion.

Although the components for an emission-free propulsion system are already available, there is as yet no integral application for seagoing vessels. Shipbuilders want to know whether the propulsion system will meet their requirements, whether it can handle all types of maneuvers and weather conditions, and whether it’s economically feasible. That is why MARIN is building a Zero Emission Laboratory.

The Zero Emission Lab integrates power and the hydro propulsion system and enables the representative coupling of the propulsion hydrodynamics with the power supply. ZEL is a unique test facility worldwide for the research and testing of future marine propulsion and power systems, applying realistic, dynamic operating profiles.

Video Zero Emission Lab_Nederlandse versie

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