Robosys Automation Ltd and MARIN signed a cooperation agreement in a new initiative to further research and development of autonomous navigation software. As part of the cooperation, Robosys acquires MARIN’s Dolphin simulation software and MARIN acquires Robosys’ Voyager 100 autonomous navigation software.

MARIN will establish a facility to measure compliance of autonomous navigation software within the IMO international collision regulations (COLREGS). In a scoring system yet to be finalised, the candidate test software is compared to the Voyager Series reference software supplied by Robosys. The software testing will be carried out at the Maritime Operations division of MARIN. The object of the testing is to measure marine software claiming an Obstacle Avoidance capability and award it a compliance score. This will allow fast checking of the conformance efficiency of the software and compile a Comparison List of performance results. 

For more information contact Dimitri van Heel.