Since 2013 MARIN USA has its own simulator available at the location in Houston as a bridge between engineering and operations. The simulator allows direct interaction between engineers and operational personnel and opens new possibilities for more operational input in the design. Providing clients with:

  • Interaction between engineers and mariners for optimized designs
  • Assistance in operational design and operational feasibility
  • Training of offshore operations and hazard identification
  • Training for emergency situations during operations such as malfunctions of

For a full system and software description see the Houston Simulator Facility leaflet (pdf).


MARIN USA has proved its value as a link to MARIN’s facilities, services and know-how in the Netherlands since 1997. The services incorporate a unique combination of simulation and calculation studies with MARIN’s dedicated and validated tools. Through continuous contact with the MARIN organization in the Netherlands, MARIN USA offers independent verification and advice, project scope optimization and early involvement in concept development resulting in optimized solutions.

With the Houston Simulator, MARIN USA is equipped to provide clients with an added service using the most up-to-date and validated tool for concept design and operations training.

More information 

The simulator is located in the MARIN USA offices at Montrose Blvd. For a demonstration of its capabilities or for more information contact Tom Sellers, T +1 832 533 8036.