STAIMO 2.3.0 is now available from The most important update can be found in the application of the criteria regarding relative wave/swell direction. More details on the updates can be found in the release notes on
STAIMO versions older than 2.3.0 should no longer be used.

STAIMO is freeware for the analysis of speed-power trials of ships. It is the implementation of the ITTC Guidelines 2014 and ISO 15016:2015 which have been accepted by IMO MEPC68 for EEDI.

STAIMO has been developed on behalf of STA-Group (39 ship owners, operators, yards, class and institutes involved in sea trials).
Since 2004 STA-Group has initiated R&D to improve and unify delivery trial analysis methods. Over the last five years STA-Group has been working closely with ITTC and ISO to develop the standard for EEDI speed/power trials required by IMO.

STAIMO 2.3.0 is compliant with IMO MEPC and can thus be used to derive both Contract speed and EEDI speed.

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May 10, 2016