Oceans of Energy announces that it has installed the first floaters of the world’s first solar farm system on the North Sea, off the Dutch coast. The offshore solar farm system was installed at the end of November and has since successfully generated energy and withstood the first storms. At MARIN, the system was successfully tested in North Sea winter storm conditions.

“I am incredibly proud of this success. Proud of the Oceans of Energy team, our partners and the Netherlands. We have all made it possible to lay down the first floating solar farm system at sea in the world, and that makes us a pioneer in the field of offshore solar energy generation. We need that clean energy at sea, now and in the future, ”says Allard van Hoeken, founder and CEO of Oceans of Energy.

Large-scale solar energy systems at sea do not yet exist. Sun at sea is a unique sustainable way to generate energy because it does not take up space on land. In the Netherlands, land space is scarce and desperately needed for housing, industry, roads and agriculture. By installing solar panels at sea, space is kept free on land. These offshore solar panels are not even visible from the land.

“Sun on Sea” Project

In 2017, six Dutch knowledge institutions and companies – including TNO, ONE-Dyas, MARIN and Oceans of Energy – joined forces for the development, construction, testing and operation of the world’s first floating solar power plant in the world. The system was successfully tested at MARIN in North Sea winter storm conditions. For more information about these tests, contact William Otto.