The Applied Research Organizations (TO2), TNO, WUR, Deltares, NLR and MARIN, today publish their Impact Report 2020. The magazine, which was created in close collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, shows how their research and solutions contribute to a sustainable, clean, healthy and safe future for the Netherlands. An important part of that research is funded by the government, and the TO2 institutions involved are proud to show in this accessible magazine what results have been achieved.
TO2MORROW Impact on society


The articles follow a number of themes from the mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy: Energy transition and sustainability, Agriculture, water and food, Health and care and Safety. This year, a special section on corona has been added, because the TO2 institutions also have an impact in that area. Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate, in her preface: “This year there are many adaptive and rapidly deployable applications. The pandemic shows how important that is. I really appreciate how TO2 institutions are committed to this.”

The concrete impact in this report concerns, for example, heat batteries for energy storage, safe shipping in the North Sea, the safe sharing of privacy-sensitive healthcare data, light as a weapon and various practical tools in the fight against corona. The magazine can be downloaded below. Previous reports can be found on the TO2 federation website.