How do Applied Research Organizations or TO2 institutions contribute to solutions to societal challenges, such as aging and climate change, and to strengthening the competitiveness of Dutch business?

Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate in her preface: “These social (ed.) Challenges have not simply been solved. They require a broad approach from the government, knowledge and educational institutions and the business community. Within the Netherlands, TO2 institutions, for which I am (…) responsible, play an important role in bringing all those parties together around common needs. “

The TO2 institutions, which are united in the TO2 federation, are TNO, WUR, Deltares, NLR and MARIN. In close collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, they are today publishing their Impact Report 2019, in which they show examples of how their innovative solutions contribute to a sustainable, clean, healthy and safe future for the Netherlands. An important part of the research is funded by the government, and the TO2 institutions involved want to show in this accessible magazine what results they have achieved. The intention is to publish an edition every year.

In this report, for example, the concrete impact is about controlling polder pumping stations with excess renewable energy, making floating solar plants storm-proof, developing 100% vegetable meat substitutes that do have the structure of meat, and developing a drone that can independently carry out repairs to wind turbines at sea and about catching criminals on the dark web.
TO2-federation documents:

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