New launch & recovery system tested


Read the article in Alle Hens about the first trials at sea with a new launch & recovery system. From 2010 Erik Takken (DMO) is working with MARIN on devising this system for the future small vessels. Under the name JIP LAURA Launch & Recovery, the Ministry of Defense, organizations and research institutes from the Netherlands, Australia, France and England worked on several options.

Unmanned vessels will play an increasingly important role in the future. The replacement M-frigates must be suitable to work with in the future. And mine clearance is also preparing for the so-called UUVs and USVs. But how do these vessels get from and on board as safely as possible, without (direct) human intervention? A question that the navy has been considering for years. The solution appears to be near and was tested for the first time on the open sea in the last 2 weeks.

Alle Hens, October 2019, Unmanned from and on board