The WISP JIP was officially kicked off in Paris on May 28. The objective of this JIP is to overcome barriers to the uptake of wind-assisted propulsion, and specifically to:

  • Improve methods for transparent performance prediction
  • Use the improved methods to provide ship owners/operators with fast low-cost predictions for their fleet
  • Review the regulatory perspective including status of rules and regulations, identify gaps and make recommendations, and provide examples on establishing compliance

So far 10+ particpants have signed in, but new participants are still welcome to join.  Until July 1, 2019 the  early bird participation fee is €10,000.-. After this date the regular fee of €12,500,- applies.

For more information and participation see the special WISP page or contact Rogier Eggers.

Several groups of stakeholders could be identified for this project, including:

  • General vendor market, such as providers/developers of wind propulsion systems who would benefit from verifiable and transparent fuel savings predictions. Wind propulsion system providers/developers would be expected to contribute data on their systems because creating sufficient transparency of performance quantification is a general project objective. However, some information may need to remain confidential because of the precompetitive nature of the project.
  • Maritime authorities would benefit from better understanding of the link between fuel and CO2 saving technologies, and the regulatory framework
  • Independent verifiers could benefit by improving their own methods
  • Ship owners/operators would benefit from transparent and verifiable information on wind propulsion for their fleet.